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Our Philosophy

As preservation breeders, we only commit to breedings that we feel will better the breed in the long run. Using the AKC Breed Standard as our guide, we strive to produce swissies that could uphold their original function of being versatile, hardy farm dogs. 

As members of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, we abide my the GSMDCA Breeders Guidelines and conduct health testing on all our dogs. This includes a thorough orthopedic evaluation of hips, elbows, and shoulders all conducted through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  Additionally, eye examinations and genetic testing are recorded. All out dogs health information are published on their public online profile, through the OFA.

We only have a litter or two a year, and invest a great deal of time into planning breedings, raising our puppies, and providing guidance to our puppy homes. Each puppy placed grows our extended Land's End Family. We encourage our homes to keep in touch, ask us questions, drop in for visits, and keep us informed about their puppies. If you are not looking for an intimate relationship with your breeder, we are not the breeders for you. 

a mother daughter duo




Winifred Sienkewicz, or Phreddie as she likes to go by, has spent her entire life caring for animals. Bonding with her mother over their love of horses, she spent her childhood at horse shows on the competitive jumping circuit. By the time the farm was purchased in 1981, she had established a reputation in the rest and rehabilitation of Thoroughbred race horses. Her eye for horses easily translated over to dogs, with both Jack Russel Terriers and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. With the race horse industry dwindling in Massachusetts, the scale of the farm has come down over the years but Phreddie still remains busy caring for both her own and other people's horses. In addition to being an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit for her Land's End Swissies, she is an upstanding member of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, 




Chloe Sienkewicz has spent her entire life around horses and dogs. When she was younger, she participated in Junior Showmanship at AKC events, showing all different breeds. Her passion for showing dogs translated over into a career work at dog shows working for professional dog handlers. After gaining her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Hamilton College in 2016, Chloe went to work in an Orthopedic medicine practice. She went back to school at Tufts University School of Medicine in 2018, and gained her Masters in Medical Sciences. She is currently a board certified Physician Assistant, specializing in Adult Reconstruction Orthopedic Surgery.  Chloe is also currently on the Board of Directors for the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America.


Saying "I don't need a dog from a breeder who shows," is like saying "I don't need a house from a builder who builds to code"


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