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If you are interested in being considered as a potential home for one of our puppies, please submit the form below. All  potential homes must come out and meet us in person in order to be placed on the wait list. 

Please be aware, we do have a wait list. You will not be getting a puppy from us instantly. We are preservation breeders, meaning we have litters to better the breed, not to simply produce puppies. A lot of time goes into planning litters, we only have couple a year.  If this does not fit your timeline, please do not bother reaching out.


Please take care in contacting us. We want to know you've put as much thought into adding a swissy into your life, as we've put into our breeding program over the years. 

Phone Numbers: **initial contact via email only**

Home: (508) 644 2397


Phreddie: (617) 803 6767 

Chloe: (508) 813 1162

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